Brie and Cranberry Sausage Rolls

Now my housemates love sausage rolls and I think they have been nagging me to make them for months now! And being the person that I am, I’ve chosen to make them when I’m living at Uni by myself and they’re not here! I think i’ll have to make them again when they get back !

I love this little twist on a classic sausage roll. They’re so moorish I’m pretty sure I ate over half of them in the first 10 minutes after baking (Yes they burnt by mouth and fingers but yes it was definitely worth it!). I love cranberry sauce with meat. I know its traditional with turkey but I honestly think it goes with everything but thats probably just me! Brie and cranberry is such a classic so I thought this recipe was a no brainer! I really hope you enjoy these as much as I did, although I don’t think they did my post-christmas diet any good!

Hope you enjoy!

Lily x


375g Strong White Flour
1 Large Pinch of Salt
225ml Cold Water
340g Unsalted Butter

400g Sausage Meat
100g Cranberry Sauce
100g Brie (Chopped into 0.5cm cubes

1 Egg (beaten for the egg wash)


  1. First off we need to make the pastry. Place the flour and the salt into a mixer and set it to run at a slow speed. As its mixing, pour the water into the bowl in a slow steady stream and continue mixing until its an even mixture.
  2. Wrap this dough in clingfilm and place it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes to chill.
  3. Once the dough is cold, roll it out into the 40x20cm rectangle on a floured surface.
  4. Next we need to roll out the butter into a rectangle (25x18cm). Now this may seem impossible when you first look at that block of butter but the way i’ve found that works is to put your butter between two sheets of baking parchment and let out your anger on it! Whack it until it becomes manageable and more pliable! You will get to the point when you will be able to roll it out into the rectangle.
  5. Place the butter rectangle on top of the bottom two thirds of the flour rectangle. Fold down the exposed flour dough to cover the middle third of the butter. Following this, fold up the bottom third of the butter/dough to cover the middle third which is already two layers thick. This is your first fold and the dough has three layers.
  6. Turn the dough 90 degrees, and roll out the pastry so that its a 40x20cm rectangle again. Then repeat the folding action we did in step 5. Fold the top third down onto the middle third and fold the bottom third up onto the middle third (with the bottom third now on top of the top third). Chill the dough in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  7. Repeat step 6 another 4 times with 20 minute chills between each layer. If you want to speed this up a little bit, then you can do two turns in one go between each chill in the fridge (meaning you’ll only need to two 20 minute chills in the fridge).
  8. After the last turn, leave the pastry in the fridge for another 30 minutes to make sure the pastry is cold when we start to use it.
  9. In this chilling stage, we can make the filling for our sausage rolls. Mix your sausage meat with the brie which you have chopped up and make sure its evenly mixed. img_0241.jpg
  10. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius (Fan).
  11. Once the pastry is cooled, roll the pastry out into a 40x25cm rectangle with the pastry about the thickness of a 1 pound coin. You may need to trim the pastry but its better to have too much pastry than not enough!
  12. Slice the pastry into three even strips 40x8cm and spread an even layer of cranberry sauce over the pastry, making sure you leave 2cm gap at the long edge so that we can seal the pastry into sausage rolls.
  13. We next need to roll the sausage meat into 3 equal rolls (I did this by weighing the meat and splitting it equally) which are 40cm long. We can then place these rolls down the centre of the pastry strips.
  14. Use your egg wash to brush the long edge of the pastry and then roll up the pastry to form a neat roll. Put the join on the bottom so that it is not seen.
  15. Cut the long rolls into mini sausage roll sizes and then use scissors to snip 3 V shapes into each sausage roll. You can then give an egg wash over the entire sausage roll to give it a golden brown colour when cooked. IMG_0248
  16. Place the sausage rolls in the oven for 35-45 minutes (depending how big your sausage rolls are) until they’re crispy and golden brown. img_0261.jpg

And thats it!


Lily x



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